Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

(Website with a forum for asking questions regarding plastic recycling)

University of Southern Miss. 
(Explains each polymer in detail)

APC – American Plastics Council 
Information on plastic and recycling

Matweb – Resins Page 
(Look up specifics for each grade of plastic from each manufacturer)

SPI – Society of the Plastics Industry 
Organization for plastic manufacturing and recycling

Ohio Department of Natural Resouces
Facts about recycling and lots of post-consumer scrap recycling advice

ISRI – Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries 
Major organization for recycling, with information on quality and quantity of recycling 
Great source for recent news on the recycling industry, contains over 500 news stories usually

NAPCOR – National Association for PET Containers 
Organization with PET recycling information 
Huge resource for plastics information 
Purchasing Arm for Phoenix Recycling

Polymer Information 
University of Wisconsin-Madison webpage for polymer information

San Diego Plastics – info page 
Explains polymer properties and the history of plastic

Recycle In Me 
Forum for plastic scrap brokers 
Global Trade forum

National Recycling Coalition 
Association dedicated to Recyclers

EIA Environment 
Find an electronic recycler near you

Pretty much anything you would want to know on polystyrene

Plastics News 
Great news stories about recycling and industry

Plastic Bag Recycling 
Evaluate how much money you would save if you were recycling your film.

Chemical Database 
Type in the chemical you want to know about, and it will print a data page.

Polymers FAQ 
Lists most plastic abbreviations, polymer tradenames, and has a guide / general FAQ.

Plastic Market Place 
Forum for buying and selling plastic for plastic brokers and recyclers

Apartment and Condo Recycling Guide
Safe disposal and reuse for computers, mobile phones, tablets, TVs and appliances

About Plastic

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