Who We Are

Trash Hackers is a women-led collective. We are a collective of artists, technologists, engineers, designers, educators committed to responsible DIY plastic recycling, education, documentation, and user-friendly tools.

Midori Hirose is a sculptor, curator, educator. Plastic Vision and Mixed Needs Plastics founding member/educator/maker; FORM+ADX AiR founding coordinator; lead member of Snack Bloc and End of Summer Artist Residency; and founding member of Critical Humanities & Interdisciplinary Medical Education (CHIME).

Emma Prichard is the owner of Plastic Lizard Recycling, LLC. She is a trained ecologist and was inspired to start Plastic Lizard because of the plastic crisis facing our lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Darcy Neal is a makerspace coordinator, creative technologist, and educator. Neal is a founding member and artist for Lady Brain Studios.

Alice Rotsztain is a Metro master recycler (Class 71). Creator of Plarn Lab, designer, educator, and producer of public arts/crafts workshops.

Athena Edison-Lahm has a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on materials and sustainability. Her graduate experience includes studies in energy engineering from Portugal, business from Spain, and currently healthy building science at PSU. She currently works on green roofs, web design, and product development. 

Eric Pugh is an artist, maker, and hacker, and Director at Hedron Hackerspace. Longtime food activist and human. Teaches and facilitates activities at Hedron such as welding, electronics, and plastic recycling.

Friends and Supporters of THC

Portland 3D Printing Lab – is a group for anyone interested in 3D printing, from artists to 3D modelers to Makers, advanced to beginner. We meet to talk about the industry, our projects, and collaborate on projects.

MopWerks – an engineering consulting service, specializing in System Architecture and Product Prototyping. Provides clients with the means to realize complex systems with functional prototypes and proof-of-concept vehicles.

Proto-Pasta – supplier of vibrant PLA for plastic experiments

Hedron Hackerspace – provider of metalworking equipment and community access point for Trash Hackers’ specialized recycling equipment including modified Precious Plastics equipment

Community Power Pods – Creator of DIY solar generators!

Francesca Frattaroli has a degree in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis in environmental (methane) sensor development, and is a STEAM coordinator/designer at PCC.

Sam Smith – creator of the metabolizer and the trashprinter project

Manifestation PDX – provider of studio and event space for Trash Hackers Collective

Precious Plastic – providers of open source blueprints and experiment results for precious plastics equipment