Who We Are

Trash Hackers is a collective of artists, technologists, engineers, designers, educators committed to responsible DIY plastic recycling, education, documentation, and user-friendly tools.

Midori Hirose is a sculptor, curator, educator, Plastic Vision founding member/educator/maker, and FORM+ADX AiR founding coordinator.

Emma Prichard is the owner of Plastic Lizard Recycling, LLC. She is a trained ecologist and was inspired to start Plastic Lizard because of the plastic crisis facing our lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Darcy Neal is a makerspace coordinator, creative technologist, and educator. Neal is a founding member and artist for Lady Brain Studios.

Alice Rotsztain is a Metro master recycler (Class 71). Creator of Plarn Lab, designer, educator, and producer of public arts/crafts workshops.

Francesca Frattaroli has a degree in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis in environmental (methane) sensor development, and is a STEAM coordinator/designer at PCC.

Friends and Supporters of THC

Proto-Pasta – supplier of vibrant PLA for plastic experiments

Hedron Hackerspace – provider of metalworking equipment and community access point for our Precious Plastics recycling equipment

CTRLH– provider of laser and woodshop resources

Yale Union – provider of studio and event space for trash hackers collective

Jesse Mejia – artist focused on producing interactive art and programming

Sam Smith – creator of the metabolizer and trash printer project

Precious Plastic – provider of open source blueprints and experiment results for precious plastics equipment