Trashprinter Project

The Trashprinter, originally designed by Sam Smith, Metabolizer Project. In early 2018 Darcy Neal helped get it moving by building a CNC gantry designed by V1engineering. Over the course of several years, the Trashprinter has gone through several prototypes and has worked up to V4 of the Trashprinter printhead. Trash Hackers Collective is continuously experimenting with this design to help dial in the settings, automate some cool features, and see how fast and big we can get it to print. Here you can see a series of experiments that took place during some of the ongoing testing and calibration of the Trash Hackers Trashprinter.

CNC platform: Lowrider by V1engineering

Software used: Repetier and Slic3r

Control board: Rambo and Repetier-Server for Raspberry Pi

Optimal print settings: coming soon!